RUDOLPH AND RENEWAL: Paul Rudolph and the Architecture of the Model City

The full-length film, produced for the Yale School of Architecure.

An American Beat Film
Produced by Elihu Rubin
Directed and Edited by Stephen Taylor



SWELTER is a site-specific musical performance created by Super Critical Mass (Julian Day, Luke Jaaniste, and Janet McKay), commissioned by the MATA Festival, and performed by members of TILT Brass on June 21, 2011 as part of the Make Music New York Festival.  [Performed in Central Park, New York City)

Audio recorded by Bestsey Biggs
Video by Stephen Taylor and Elihu Rubin
Edited by Stephen Taylor

John Zorn's 'The Book of Heads' - James Moore, solo guitar

This is a *very* short preview for the upcoming performance by James Moore of John Zorn's 'The Book of Heads' for solo guitar as part of The June Days Festival at the Incubator Arts Project in New York City. This is only one etude; I will be documenting the entire performance (upwards of an hour) in June.


Victoire - Cathedral City (official music video)

Victoire is:
Missy Mazzoli
Lorna Krier
Eileen Mack
Eleonore Oppenheim
Olivia De Prato

Directed, Filmed and Edited by
Stephen Taylor
Music Composed by
Missy Mazzoli


This short film uses doctored archival footage to visually examine to what degree actions (in this case, acts of force or violence) define who we are.  By removing either perpetrator or victim, one is left only with the act or the effect of the act.
Music excerpted from Judd Greenstein's 'Grosse Tugenden'

James Moore performs 'Gorgamor the Giant Gecko'

The incomparable James Moore performing a piece for solo banjo, composed by Matthew Welch.
Directed, Filmed, and Edited by
Stephen Taylor
Audio recorded by
Stephen Griesgraber

Song From the Uproar - 2012 Performance Trailer

A trailer for Missy Mazzoli's Song From the Uproar, a multimedia performance featuring films by Stephen Taylor; libretto by Royce Vavrek; Stage Direction by Gia Forakis.

With performances by:
Abigail Fischer; Tomas Cruz; Kate Maroney; Celine Mogielnicki; Peter Stewart; Amelia Watkins
NOW Ensemble: Sara Budde; Logan Coale; Mark Dancigers; Michael Mizrahi; Alex Sopp
Musical Direction by Steven Osgood

Video by Stephen Taylor; James Daniel; Elihu Rubin
Edited by Stephen Taylor
Audio by Garth MacAleavey
Edited by Missy Mazzoli

The Wassaic Project

A short documentary commissioned by The Wassaic Project, an artist residency and summer arts festival located in the town of Wassaic, in upstate New York.  The Wassaic Project has been a partner for several years, as I have produced a number of short documentaries profiling artists taking part in the residency program.

Produced by American Beat Films
Directed and Edited by Stephen Taylor
Associate Producer: Selby Nimrod
Filmed by Stephen Taylor and Cris Shirley
Additional Camerawork by Josh Frankel
Sound by Elihu Rubin
Interviews conducted by Anna Sale and Elihu Rubin

Lucy Moses School

A short documentary commissioned by Lucy Moses School at Kaufman Center. Lucy Moses School provides music, dance, and theater classes for students of all levels, ranging from the age of 18 months to 90 years old.
Directed, Filmed and Edited by Stephen Taylor
Sound recorded by Elihu Rubin